If You Can’t Bee Them,
Join Them

Fun Fact #5

The average worker bee produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

Please consider joining Us.

We are a friendly group of both hobby and professional beekeepers located around the Brenham area. We meet the 4th Thursday of every month (except November and December) at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Are members include beekeepers with over 75 years of experience and newbees that may or not have bees yet. Regardless of your experience or level of expertise, our members are always willing to share what works for them, their stories (both successes and mishaps), and a word or two of encouragement.

What our members have to say…

Club equipment available for use by club members

0ne of the perks of membership in CBTA is accessibility to a variety of equipment that can be loaned out.

3 Frame Electric

4 Frame Hand Crank

9 Medium or 3 Deep Hand Crank

18 Frame Electric

Our board members

Karl Cottrell


Karl and his wife Diane have been hobby beekeepers for about seven years. They became involved in CTBA after attending their first bee school in 2017. Karl took on the task of organizing the CTBA Bee School speakers for the 2020 school and became the Vice President in 2021. He assumed the role of President in. 2022.

Bob Schmitz

Vice President

After buying some land in 2013, Bob ordered his first two packages of bees in early 2018 and attended my first Central Texas Bee School in March of that year. His main reasons for having bees is to 1) increase the pollination chances for my fruit trees, berries and garden vegetables 2) provide the means for acquiring Agriculture Value exemption (which should be possible in 2024)

Bob has volunteered in many areas over the years: he has been a youth soccer coach and club president and taught elementary and junior high students about entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Central Texas Beekeepers Association is a registered (501)(c)(3) organization.