Swarms & Cutouts

Fun Fact #6

A hive of bees will fly approximately 90,000 miles, the equivalent of three times around the world, to collect 1 pound of honey.

Do you have a bee situation that needs 
an expert?

Do you need help with a swarm of bees. Do you have a bees in your house or building? Before you call us, please read continue reading…

A Swarm

is a ball of bees hovering near or around your house or property.

A Cutout

is bees are going inside of something, but the hive itself is inside of something.

Please understand that this is a referral situation.

Here is a list of questions to have the answers to BEFORE you call.

Please be ready to describe your situation…

  1. Provide phone video or clear photos of hive entrance. Slow scan of area.
  2. How Long Has the Hive been there?
  3. How High is the highest entrance hole?
  4. Have the Bees been sprayed?
  5. Is the site accessible to where a 2 wheel drive truck can drive up to the bees
  6. If nest is in a power box, has the electric company been advised?
  7. Are the bees aggressive and stinging people?
  8. It is up to the home owner to make close neighbors aware that bees will be removed soon.
  9. Please provide Google Address and Gate code if required to enter property
  10. You do not have to be present at the time of removal, if access is granted

Now that you have all the answers you can get from this list, Call Karl at (979) 645-0832

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