Youth Aprenticeship Program

Fun Fact #2

Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life.

We believe in Legacy

It is our belief that providing young people with the resources and means to learn the skills of beekeeping, and also sharing the real-life experiences of being a beekeeper, CBTA is helping to pass along the legacy of beekeeping to the next generation.


To be eligible, students must currently be in 5th – 12th grade.


Besides the educational lessons, students are also supplied with protective gear, the equipment to assemble, and the bees to put into the equipment

Our Investment

This cost of this is approximately $800/student and our investment in the program is approximately $10,000 a year.


Funds for the Youth Apprenticeship Program are from the Annual CBTA Bee School.

The Central Texas Beekeepers Association is a registered (501)(c)(3) organization.